Annual Theme

Annual Theme

Key Verse: Mark 10.45

"Even the Son of Man did not come to be served but to serve, and gave his life as a ransom for many"

Purpose of the Theme:

  • To better appreciate that Jesus is the ultimate example of a servant, even though he is the most important of all. 
  • To better understand ways that each of us is called to serve in our local congregations, no matter our role. 
  • To better see what sort of servants that we should be and how to reflect Jesus' service in our own lives so that the world will see him when they look at us.

Sermons on the Theme:

   1.    Make me a Servant (Rom 6.15–23)

Our Service to God:

   2.    Chosen Servants (Isa 42.1–4)
   3.    Rewarded Servants (Isa 49.1–6)
   4.    Faithful Servants (Isa 50.4–9)
   5.    Sacrificial Servants (Isa 52.13–53.12)

   Service to the Church:
   6.   Servant Christians (1 Tim 6.11–20)
   7.   Servant Teachers (1 Tim 4.1–16)
   8.   Servant Deacons (1 Tim 3.8–13)
   9.   Servant Elders (1 Tim 3.1–7)

   Service to the World:
   10.  Forgiving Servants (Mat 18.23–35)
   11.   Wise Servants (Mat 24.45–51)
   12.   Aware Servants (Luke 16.1–13)
   13.  Waiting Servants (Luke 19.11–26)

   14.  Servants of Christ (2 Cor 2.14–17)